Stay With Us, Indie horror game for mobile and PC (Video)

Indie-darling Paulina Pabis, whose previous game credentials include Eyes, The Horror Game, is proud to announce the release of her latest horror-adventure, Stay With Us, now available on iOS®, Android™ and on PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). The game tells the chilling story of a close-knit group of childhood friends who experienced a terrible incident they wished had never occurred.

You have fond memories of playful times at the graveyard as a child. You would hang out with your friends, play hide-and-seek and explore the mysterious sights and sounds of the night. It was only supposed to be a game. It was dark, and she did not know where she was going. … she tripped – fell – right into the empty grave… It happened so fast. We failed to get her out and we got scared. We ran and we never looked back… What happened to her we do not know. We never saw her again. We promised never to tell anyone – not a soul – about the terrible events of that night.

Stay With Us challenges you to unravel the truth to what happened to your friend. 15 years have passed and you are back at the site of the accident. Your childhood friends have vanished or died in mysterious circumstances and you are the only survivor. Played in first-person perspective your objective is to survive… Your friend might have fallen into the grave – but she lived. She is roaming the graveyard prowling for you. Revenge can be wonderful to the wicked. Her tortured soul needs to be set free. A solitary flame in the darkness stand between you and your friend. She fears the light. It scares her away. Lure her to the light to survive. By locating 15 candles, you can ease her pain and set her free. They are hidden somewhere in the graveyard. You must find them and figure out how to use them. Can you escape before it is too late?