Grand Kingdom: Limited Edition (Video)

Grand Kingdom: Limited Edition

The limited edition of Grand Kingdom brings the game and its enchanting atmosphere right into your home. A 128-page Art Book wrapped with an embossed faux leather cover and glittering with silver gilded pages makes the perfect book for any coffee table, and is absolutely stuffed with sketches, production notes, and in-game art for guests and owners to peruse. A jewel case contains the Soundtrack by legendary composer Basis cape that will bring you back into the world of Grand Kingdom with every listen. A beautifully illustrated “parade” poster, and clear-backed decal sticker sheet featuring the game’s logo, factions, and characters display the game’s art beautifully in any setting. All these collector’s items come neatly packed inside a Premium Outer Box.

• Includes:
• 128-page Faux Leather Hardcover Art Book with Gilded Pages
• Soundtrack and Jewel Case
• PS4 Game in a Premium Outer Box
• Transparent Decals