Hackers Versus Banksters is a visual novel about revenge! (Video)

Toronto Mistrust Bank stole $70,000 from Tankboy. But Tankboy and his common-law wife Crowgirl are master hackers! That corrupt Bay Street corporation chose the wrong poor people to mess with!

You, the player, are the key to whether or not Crowgirl and Tankboy’s cyberattack on Toronto Mistrust is successful or not. Do you know how to hack a big, greedy bank?

But Hackers Versus Banksters isn’t all computer wizardry. You’ll also have to navigate the minefield of Crowgirl’s anorexia and Tankboy’s PTSD.

Hackers Versus Banksters features:
•Original western comic strip style art
•Real Toronto locations
•Frequent fourth wall breaking
•Snarky humour
•Parodies of video games
•Cheesy music and sound effects
•A Visual Novel completely unlike any other
Hackers Versus Banksters will be available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android.

The Kickstarter has launched at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowgirl/hackers-versus-banksters-a-visual-novel-about-reve

Look out for the article covering the Hackers Versus Banksters Kickstarter at Cliqist, the #1 video game crowdfunding news website: http://cliqist.com/
We’ve set a modest fundraising goal at $1,000 CDN. Stretch goals include multiple language localiization at $3,000, and full voice acting at $5,000.

Check out the free demo at Itch.io! The demo allows you to play the first of three branches to completion, with six possible endings. The full version of the game has twelve possible endings and over eight hours of content. https://crowgirl.itch.io/hackers-versus-banksters