Half Glass Games Announces Chased by the Sun (Video)

Half Glass Games, the world’s most optimistic independent game studio, is pleased to announce today’s release of its new mobile game, Chased by the Sun, the not-so-endless runner starring a tiny green spaceship with a gigantic ball of thermonuclear plasma in hot pursuit. With 25 epic flight sequences across five star systems, every level is like the explosive climax of an action movie: a huge chase scene with chain reactions, close calls, and a narrow escape. Quick, precise movements are key to survival.

Providing dynamic difficulty adjustment, not to mention checkpoints, shields, and unlimited lives, Chased by the Sun allows newcomers of any skill level to experience everything the game has to offer, while giving expert pilots the tools to optimize their play patterns and compete for the best times and scores. Yet be forewarned: Chased by the Sun does not pull punches. It’s still a very challenging game!

Chased by the Sun was created by seasoned AAA game developers Jonathan Rubinger, Francois Roughol and Chris Wilson. Rubinger states, “Watching newcomers play, every loss is a learning experience, every win is by the skin of their teeth – you see their dread as the Sun comes into frame, and the elated joy when they pull off the end-of-level escape. It’s absolutely magical.If you like the freedom of flOw, or the action of Canabalt, or the physics of Angry Birds, this should probably be on your list.”

Erik Nye, featured journalist on The Noobist offers, “It’s like playing Neil Degrasse Tyson’s version of Tetris.”

Chased by the Sun is available today, Tuesday, March 1, for $1.99 on the App Store and Google Play. It takes about 2 hours to complete. No ads, no in-app purchases, just fair trade gaming for a buck an hour, with tons of replayability for completionists and the freedom for everyone else to get on with their darn lives without feeling like they’re missing out. You’re not missing out, you beat the game! Good for you!