Halloween Will Never Again Be The Same Should You Survive The Terrors Of ‘Vapour: Part 1’ Now Available On SteamTM

Vapour: Part 1 by indie game developer Skobbejak Games is exactly what you need before committing yourself to the psychic ward this Halloween! Rated AO for Adults Only with an age restriction of 18, Vapour is an experimental PC horror-game that blends the best of frantic old school FPS action with modern horror, puzzle and platforming elements, resulting in a terrifying gameplay experience set in a dynamic and cohesive style.

Gameplay trailer

Vapour features a psychotic warlock known as “Charles”, who is a victim and captive of a sadistic cult finding pleasure in discovering new ways to torture him. Executed for his crimes, Charles used his last ounce of strength to avoid total damnation, and invited YOU to take his place trapped between the borders of Purgatory and Hell. With your powers diminished, you must battle through hordes of demons, come face to face with your haunting past, and ultimately make it back to earth to exact your revenge on those who have wronged you… Sounds like fun!

Vapour includes spell-based combat, interactive puzzles, a non-linear level design and plenty of exploration if you dare. Packed with terrifying demons to fight, tricky platforming to execute, and a gory plot promising to scare you witless, Halloween will never again be the same …

Vapour is available for download via Steam™

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