‘Blobsy’ Arcade Shooter On iOS® & AndroidTM Challenges You To A Fight Against The Slime King & His Incoming Minions

Blobsy by indie game developer RamminSpeed Entertainment is an irresistibly cute arcade shooter, in which the objective is to hold your ground against the massive forces of the “slime king” and his endless incoming minions. Soft-launched in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and in the Nordic, Blobsy is a freemium download now available on iOS® and Android™.

Launch trailer

Blobsy is cuteness overload with its many playable characters called “blobsies”, each with their own unique weapons and skills. The game challenges you to test how many waves of baddies you can survive. With a host of different creatures coming at you, choose your Blobsy wisely and prepare for battle. Take buffs, user power-ups and make quick decisions to win. Strategy and clever use of weapons is essential. Blobsy uses its own mass as ammunition! If you successfully hit a baddie, you can opt to wait until the bubbled enemy comes at you, by which you regain lost mass from your direct hit. If you miss your target, you lose that amount of mass. Mass is also lost if enemies overpower you – and when your Blobsy runs out of mass, its game over …

Blobsy features cute characters, great graphics, epic boss fights, fun gameplay and a host of baddies making you smile. Power-ups and surprise weapons are available and will help you progress. Additional game characters are available by winning or buying virtual currency known as “Clear Blobsies”, and is optional. The game is fully playable without, and is included for players seeking a quick advance. Suitable to players of all ages and experience levels, Blobsy is casual arcade action at its best.

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