Happy Tennis launches exclusively for Apple TV (Video)

Game developer Happy Labs is proud to present Happy Tennis, a family party game built exclusively for Apple TV. Previously, the game soft-launched in select regions for Asia. To celebrate the launch, the first tennis party game for Apple TV will retail at a reduced price of US$1.99 (from US$4.99) for all regions worldwide, until 22nd February 2016.

The game uses the Siri Remote’s accelerometer to detect players’ swings and allows the player to trigger moves such as volleys, smashes, dashes and ace services based on the timing of their swings. Happy Tennis promises endless hours of dynamic gameplay and wholesome fun with friends and family.

Designed for single or multiplayer play supporting up to four players, users can connect multiple Apple mobile devices such as their iPhones or iPods to the same Wi-Fi connection to join the game. All they need to do is download and launch the free Happy Tennis Remote from the App Store on their mobile devices.

The game is available in English, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.