Harald and the Tortoise on iOS and Android

Educational children’s game Harald and the Tortoise launched on iOS and Android. Try Harald and the Tortoise now for free via the iOS App store and Google Play Store.

Kids Game Release
Harald and the Tortoise is the second release in the Midnight Pigeon Junior label, following on from the fun frog escape in Froggy Ribbit. Your kids can experience three adventures with Harald for free, and you can unlock the rest for a payment of $1.99.

Designed to allow kids to explore and learn at their own pace with a healthy amount of play, games from Midnight Pigeon Junior are educational but not strict, being careful to avoid putting any stressful pressures on kids. Once a week, a new bedtime story or interactive game will be released on Facebook and Instagram. These are created to be informative and build a sense of curiosity in children, and we hope their Monday release will become something to look forward to for the children in the family… and secretly for the adults as well!

The Game
Kids from 2-4 years old can learn shapes and strengthen their vocabulary as they follow Harald and his Tortoise on a fun adventure story to meet his friend Helen the Fairy. Children can meet Harald’s many cute animal friends and help them celebrate good times and solve problems. There is no way to fail and kids can explore at their own pace.

Game Features  

  • Build their vocabulary: Kids will learn the names of common household items as they help Harald get ready for his day, attend a birthday party, and more.
  • Learn shapes: Children will help put together furniture and repair bridges by slotting together simple blocks!
  • Fantasy adventure: Harald and the Tortoise is a positive and relaxing story experience without scores, failures or stress. Your child can follow the story at the pace they like.
  • Try before you buy: Your child will meet Harald and take the first steps on his journey, and if they have fun you can unlock the full game for them with a one time in-app purchase.

You can download the game now from the Harald and the Tortoise store pages on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.