Headmaster for PlayStation VR is out on Oct. 13th (Video)

Headmaster, a launch titles for PlayStation VR, just released their launch trailer. The game takes place in the Football Improvement Centre, which Frame Interactive states “is not a prison.” Inside the Heading Facility, players will undergo an intense re-education under the guidance of the FIC and their self-proclaimed world class staff. There are an impressive variety of lessons which are designed to ensure you are no longer a threat to the reputation of your football club, who apparently, has sponsored your enrollment. According to the voice in the video, improvement is mandatory.

Headmaster was originally conceived by Ben Throop at The Boston VR Bender game jam put on by the Boston VR Meetup, Owlchemy Labs, Valve, and Unity in June 2014. After several months of creative exploration, a demo of the game debuted as a last minute addition to the Show and Tell section of Indiecade East in New York in February 2015. While there, Ben met Nick Suttner (then of Sony, now of Oculus), which led to a follow-up meeting at GDC. After a successful pitch, Frame Interactive was founded and the game was signed as a Sony exclusive for PSVR.  Sony has since shown Headmaster around the world as an ambassador title for PlayStation®VR, including a competition at the UEFA Champions League Final in Milan, Italy. It also received a Finalist nomination for Best VR Experience at the 2015 Unity Awards.

Headmaster is available on Oct. 13, along with the launch of PlayStation VR, for $19.99.