Helicopter Mega Splash is the latest game from Asylum Square

Helicopter Mega Splash is the latest game from Asylum Square for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

The 80’s / 90’s styled endless arcade shoot’em’up game comes with a very unique twist: The player controls a helicopter that has a swinging wrecking ball he can use to smash attacking enemies.

This action game won’t leave a dry eye in the house: Players see how long they can stay aloft as waves of robots, aliens and monsters try to bring them down. To survive players will collect power-up items to transform their helicopter into an all-destroying fighting machine.

A new procedurally generated challenge awaits the player each day at midnight. This is not for weak nerves! Helicopter Mega Splash will take players you to their limits!

The game is free to play with ads that can be removed with a single in app purchase.

Game Features:
– Simple to enjoy : Swing the wrecking ball with one touch
– Fight and destroy hordes of enemies
– Collect power-up items and use super weapons
– New level awaits you each day
– Feel the adrenaline-pumping, rocked out soundtrack
– Get your game on and show the world what you’re made of (only iOS 9)
– The endless arcade flyer that’s ace!

Gameplay Trailer:

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