Rage Quit Racer the Ultimate Adrenaline Ride Speeds onto iPhone and iPad

About Rage Quit Racer

Rage Quit Racer is a rage quit game where the player is dropped vertically at extreme speed down dangerous tunnels across 8 different worlds. Using the tilt controls of the device the player must navigate the tunnel, whilst maintaining shields, collecting points and avoiding asteroids, traffic and bombs. Need more speed? Don’t worry nitro boosters have been provided for the clinically insane that want to accelerate the death drop.

Features include:

+ Compete for placement in world wide leaderboards, earn a multitude of achievements and outlast your friends in online multiplayer.
+ 8 different tunnels to throw yourself down and 4 original pumping sound tracks to boost the adrenaline.
+ Record your games and share insane replays with friends and family.
+ Addictive twitch style game play
+ Retro sci-fi arcade look and feel

Rage Quit Racer was inspired by Minecraft Parkour dropper maps.

What players are saying:

“Great game… reminds of total Wipeout back in the day.”
“SPEEEEEEEEEED! as addictive as Super Hexagon and just as mesmerising”
“It reminds me of Super Hexagon and the Death Star scene in Star Wars. Very cool”
“This is a great addition to the tunnel racing genre, super smooth controls and very addictive!”
“Brilliant game, would definitely recommend giving it a go…”

Coming soon to the web via WebGL

A video showing Rage Quit Racer in action is available on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44SNodGaV30

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