Yaktastic update for 2D side-scrolling racer Yak Dash: Horns of Glory is now available to download for iPhone and iPad!

Indie games studio Mutant Labs have released an exciting update for their second self-published game, Yak Dash: Horns of Glory.

“…a bizarre but highly entertaining new racing game.” – AppAdvice
“A charming 2D sidescroller” – GameNGuide
“Horse racing is for fools. Yak racing is where it’s at.” – Gamezebo

Update info

We have loved seeing all your yaks and riders dominating the mountain ranges. We have collated some of your feedback and made a few tweaks, added a feature or two and fixed some of those pesky bugs. The following updates await your thunderous hooves:
•NEW FEATURE: Your leaderboard rank appears on each mountain on the level select screen
•NEW FEATURE: Share your customised yak and racer to your Instagram followers
•GAMEPLAY TWEAK: The next level is now unlocked regardless of finishing position. Get medals on all the mountains to complete the game!
•BIG OL’ BUG FIX: Due to a server issue, some players local race data became corrupted. This update will fix any corrupted information and resume normal gameplay (sorry about that!).

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