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Isbarah – The First Journey has reached its final stages of development!

Isbarah is a cross-genre of bullet hell and platformer style, it’s a hardcore 2d game and each level is a duel boss fight.

Each boss comes with a unique attack pattern.
In order to survive, players will need to fully understand the bosses’ patterns. It’s built on smartly managing your powers and using them wisely – everything in Isbarah involves dodging and making smart movements.

Isbarah is available on Steam on the 25th of February, for PC, Mac and Linux. for 13,99€.

Game description:
In Isbarah, you have the standard platformer game controls and bosses will fight like in bullet hell games.
To survive we have added three abilities to the gameplay:
· Slow Motion: Will enable a time slow down in order to give the player time to analyze the situation around them and make a wise move.
· Dash: This ability allows you to make fast moves to any direction with perfect precision.
· The Barrier: you can use it as a shield or a platform, whether to protect yourself or to help you climb higher.

It’s all about your Running & Dodging skills!
· 18 Epic fights
· 4 Difficulty modes
· 90 Unlockable contents

Live through the story of Isbarah with short comic strips in each level.
Playing Isbarah, you will be following Iria’s journey through her lineage.
Iria is a goddess and in order to prevent this world from failing into chaos, her father rules it with an iron fist – and Iria is his only weapon and shield; he uses her to harshly punish anyone or thing that bends the law, and there are no mercies granted.

Isbarah is bound to the imaginary world that all humans fantasize of – encapsulating all their dreams and nightmares into.
Every single thought made by human beings contributes to the shape and size of this world, creating an ever-changing universe full of creatures and landscapes.
These creatures are called The Designed; they all have different shapes and their behaviour depends on the people who have created them.

Alongside these creatures, live also the Designless.
These creatures are only concepts; they haven’t been fully created by humans.
These Designless creatures are desperate to evolve and become full designs, therefore, they are constantly infecting other full designs to become more powerful and eventually takeover their shapes.

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