Spiral House announce their new game – ‘ Troll and I ’.

Spiral House Ltd. have announced their next game ‘Troll and I’, currently being featured on the Square Enix Collective for 28days.

Established in 1998, the company has a successful track record for developing and assisting on many major key titles, including the successful titles MotorStorm, Silver, and PlayStation Vita Pets. www.spiralhouse.co.uk

‘Troll and I’ is being developed for PC (Steam), PS4 (PSN) and Xbox One (Xbox LIVE) using our own internally developed tools and technology; the first episode is currently scheduled for release fourth quarter 2015 (TBC).

Gameplay footage and a promotion video will be available mid-March 2015.
Set in the 1950’s, in the harsh, demanding landscape of Northern Europe, ‘Troll and I’ is a third person, episodic, action adventure in which the player takes (flip flop) control of two unlikely friends; a young boy called Otto who is agile, skilful with a spear and deft with melee weapons; and a giant, magical Troll, also in his infancy and yet to learn and harness the magical abilities of his kin.

“ After a disaster destroys his village, a young boy named Otto is forced to run, leaving his family and friends behind to fend for himself in a harsh, demanding landscape. But in the midst of chaos and from the desire to survive, Otto befriends a Troll. Together they embark on a journey that explores the friendship and emotional depth of human and beast as they trek across a devastated landscape that has concealed many secrets… until now!”

•Single Player, direct control, dual protagonist teamwork with boy and magic troll
•Multiplayer, co-op play
•Melee and long range combat
•Crafting, melee and long range weapons
•Survival, hunt animals and forage for food
•Puzzle solve
•Explore, climb, jump using both characters individually or together as a team
•Skills and abilities, upgrade with skill points
•Varying enemies and factions
•Collectable’s, Troll lore, Troll Hunter plans
•Varying gameplay approach
Please visit http://collective.square-enix.com/projects/99/troll-and-i for more information.

Troll and I website:

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