Heroes of Loot 2, dungeon crawler influenced by Gauntlet, God of War and classic Zelda (Video)

Heroes of Loot 2 is released today (June 8th) on Steam, Humble store, iOS and Android. The sequel to the award winning PS Vita, iOS,Android and PC game.

A game influenced by 80’s Gauntlet, God of War, Darksiders and the classic Zelda games,

About Heroes of Loot 2

The hook: In Heroes of Loot 2 you control two characters at once, a ranged character and a melee character. Switching between the characters is as simple as switching between weapons. Besides the difference in range, the characters all have their advantages and disadvantages. These range between difference in speed, power for using magic spells, or amount of damage they can handle. Pick your characters based on your preferred game-style!

The influence: As with the original Heroes of Loot, the sequel is mostly based on the game feel of the original 80’s Gauntlet game. However for the sequel I took a lot of influence from games like Zelda, God of War and Darksiders to inspire the new quests, puzzles, and hack and slash parts of the gameplay.

Gameplay: The main game mode comes with 50 procedurally generated levels. Making each game a unique experience. Each dungeon comes with a lot of hell-creatures to shoot, mini-bosses, avatars to talk to and possibly buy cool items from or learn alternate routes like the “The sewers” and many more. You’ll also find yourself in a single-level Arena room filled with multiple Minotaurs, or just a loot-filled room.. In any case, make sure you are equiped for the right task!

All dungeons also have various quests and challenges for you to complete before you can continue your path to King Loot’s lair. Quests range from killing a mini-boss to lighting various magic-candles, or retrieving a lost Idol to an Altar.

Luckily the dungeons come with shops where you can buy magic spells, character enhancing items, and healing potions to help you on your quest.

Grabbing loot and killing hell-spawn adds to your Experience points, increasing the firepower and magic power of your characters.

And finally, you can find various treasures around the dungeons to unlock “magic shards”. Collect enough of these shards to permanently unlock magic spells making your future game sessions easier.

Game modes: Grab a controller and a buddy for local-coop mode and roam the dungeons together. If you’re good enough you can also try your luck in the Survival mode, a bunch of small Arena’s that play much like the old SmashTV arcade game.. How long can you survive?