Heroes of Loot release

Abstraction Games proudly announces today that Heroes of Loot for the PlayStation®Vita will be released on September 22 in North America and Europe.

Tj’ièn Twijnstra: “We’re proud to announce that Heroes of Loot of award winning Indie developer Orange Pixel will blast its way onto the PlayStation®Vita.

Heroes of Loot is like classic gauntlet with twin-stick mayhem, a rogue-like filled with actions. Player’s find themselves in dungeons filled to the brim with ghosts, skulls, cyclops, critters and much more.. survive using quick reflexes, level up to improve your weapon, and if you have time complete some quests for extra loot and upgrades.

There are various secrets to uncover, hidden rooms full of special items to find, and perma-items to find and collect for extra power.

The PlayStation®Vita version is the definitive version with precise physical controls, Leaderboards and Trophies. Released with a very reasonable price tag of just $2.99 / €2.98 and an additional discount for PSPlus members, we believe we’re giving excellent value for money.”

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