Monster Heroes Press Release (iOS, An, WP8)

Azerbo is proud to announce that Monster Heroes is now available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Collect, tame and evolve 3D creatures in this monster collection game!

Follow the story of Lucas, a junior tamer who will embark on an adventure to save the world! Battle against wild monsters and evil forces and catch new creatures to fight for your team!

Draw your monster skills directly on screen to make them attack! The power of their attacks will increase with your ability and the time you take to complete the drawings!

Choose your team wisely and exploit the elemental weaknesses of your opponents to deal more damage and win boss fights!

Monster Heroes features:

•Capture new monsters for your team – Over 100 monsters to capture and evolve with new monsters added every update!
•Evolve your monsters into powerful creatures – Each monster can evolve into impressive beasts.
•Tap and draw your monster attacks – Master the drawings of your team’s monsters to make them fight at their full potential!
•Hundreds of different elemental skills! – Fire, water, earth and wind attacks are all available in the game! Choose your team wisely to exploit elemental weaknesses!
•Explore an exciting 3D world – Monster Heroes world is in full 3D and so are monsters of the game!

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