‘Hey, Look Up!’ On iOS® Challenges You To Outwit Your Smartphone (Video)

Mobile game developer and publisher Draco Intra Game Studios has sent you an incoming text message notifying you of the worldwide release of Hey, Look Up!, the first-ever mobile game about text-walkers in a fun game that challenges you to become virtually famous by gaining Social Media followers! Available exclusively on iOS®, Hey, Look Up! aims to raise awareness to the crazed but compelling text-walking phenomenon.

Hey, Look Up! is a fun casual game suitable to players of all ages and experience levels. Your objective is to stroll down the street collecting followers and Fame Points by completing missions, while avoiding obstacles and collision with other characters. To climb the leaderboards and to unlock other playable characters and locations within the game, you need to gain a steady following by mastering the art of Social Media. The more missions you complete, the higher Fame Level you reach. The beautifully rendered characters such as Jesse, Stone, Nina, Stu and Sabrina each offers unique personalities and they all differ in popularity and the amount of followers. Popular social media power-ups (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, and Snapchat) help you gain more followers as you play.
Hey, Look Up! Comes with 48 achievements to collect, such as tweet, post and the ability to take selfies and so much more! There are 18 leaderboards to climb and premium items to obtain, such as the Fame Doubler and the Solar Battery, ensuring your precious virtual device will never run out of juice! Premium items also remove ads from the game.
Hey, Look Up! is a unique Social Media game inspired by the genre of endless gameplay. You can even collect animated iMessage stickers featuring well-known walkers and record your very own videos to share with friends and family as a testament to your text-walking skills! Download today!