Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher known for its breakout MMORPG, Knight Age, challenges its players with the latest new field boss for a limited time. Along with last month’s winter update chocked full of events, Knight Age is covered in a white blanket of snow and several wandering snowmen. The snowman may look innocent and welcoming with its matching winter hat and coat, however its leader is not one to be messed with. Players are invited to this winter wonderland to face off against their boss, the “Fat Snowman”!

In this new winter event, a giant new field boss – Fat Snowman – randomly wanders through the wild forest near Yann Valley Village. What makes this field boss different from others is that it cannot fight back even when it’s attacked but it’s known for a ridiculous amount of HP making it difficult to defeat alone. Also, once the Fat Snowman’s HP reaches zero, it bursts into massive little snowmen which scatter all across the field with each dropping a special item when defeated. There are 40 different items that can be dropped from each frozen monsters including the latest Snowman Pupa and winter outfits!

Knight Age is currently featuring tons of winter festivities and a mega sale with cash items up to 70% off until January 15th! Players also would not want to miss out on getting a free world-famous chubby white bunny, Mashimaro, as their battle-companion. New and returning players can join in on the excitement now by visiting Knight Age’s Official Website at http://www.joymax.com/knightage/

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