Developer AbsolutSoft has announced the start of Early Access for its online game Hired Ops – a dynamic first-person shooter. You can fight with other Soldiers of Fortune immediately after downloading and installing the game from Steam, then register at www.hiredops.com for the bonus program that unlocks additional in-game items.

Using the latest weapons and special equipment, players take part in armed encounters, unit into private military companies, carry out contracts, build bases and aggressively compete with each other – all for the sake of dominating the world mercenary market. Players are free to choose from any of the five different fighter classes, each featuring an elaborately crafted skill system and an arsenal rich in weapon variety and weapon modifications.

With today’s launch players will be able to experience the essential mechanics and content of a hired operative that includes an extensive arsenal of weapons and weapon modifications, several game modes and a starter set of maps. For the final release of the game AbsolutSoft studio is planning to add a tutorial, more realistic hardcore mode, base-building, clans, contracts and more.

According to developers, the Steam Early Access approach to distribution will allow them to test Hired Ops out most effectively and achieve the best optimization for release. Special effort will be put into honing the game balance and improving the combat dynamics. The project creators are intend to rely heavily on player feedback, regularly update the game client and cooperate with Steam Early Access members, engaging the most active players in testing the unreleased features and upcoming content.

The estimated Hired Ops release date is Q1 2017. The exact release date will be determined by the results of the Early Access.