Io-Interactive confirms that HITMAN™ will feature DirectX® 12 on March 11. It is the first 3rd party game to include support for DirectX12 at launch.

“It’s been great working with our friends at AMD to deliver an optimal HITMAN experience to PC users at launch,” said Hannes Seifert, Studio Head at Io-Interactive. “HITMAN has a strong heritage on PC and we know some of our connoisseur fans will be delighted by what DX12 brings to the experience; and seeing the game running in 4K is breathtaking.”

DX12 enables fully multithreaded rendering, which allows for much better use of modern multicore machines. It also features Asynchronous Compute, which unlocks more GPU performance, and it has manual resource management, allowing HITMAN to use memory better. It delivers stunning 4K performance on high-end hardware. Optimization work for DX12 will be ongoing from March 11 to deliver even more performance improvements at lower resolutions.

“We’re incredibly excited to strengthen our relationship with Square-Enix and Io-Interactive with the DirectX® 12 update for HITMAN™,” said Roy Taylor, corporate vice president, alliances and content, AMD. “AMD has been an undisputed leader in delivering incredible DirectX® 12 performance and fidelity to users with Radeon™ Graphics. And through features like DirectX® 12 Asynchronous Compute and AMD FreeSync™ technology, Radeon™ graphics customers with systems of all budgets can tap into beautifully smooth gaming.”

HITMAN starts with a Prologue Mission and a Paris location on March 11, followed by the next location, set in Italy releasing in April and then Morocco releasing in May. From there HITMAN will deliver regular monthly content updates, including three additional locations; Thailand, the US and Japan until the season concludes in Japan later in 2016. In addition it features weekly live events and additional planned content in-between the monthly updates.

HITMAN launches on March 11 for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and Windows PC.