HorseHotel, a horse game, for iOS and Android

Even horses need a vacation sometimes. That’s exactly what the HorseHotel is for! The new game by publisher Tivola offers horse lovers with smartphones or tablets an exciting and challenging task. As the manager of an up-and-coming horse farm, players will need to take good care of their animal guests for as long as they are entrusted to their care. This means keeping an eye on the individual needs of each horse, while planning the expansion of your farm into a four-star HorseHotel.

Players will have their hands full as soon as they open for business. Their HorseHotel will have to be expanded to increase its renown – else you might run out of guests. The first coins they earn can be spent on unlocking new areas in order to reach the full potential of your hotel. More coins and collectibles can also be found on the compound, which will help fund further construction.

New riders arrive daily to leave their horses in your care, which puts you in charge of grooming and feeding them. But there’s more: a variety of minigames allow you to train the different skills of the six different horse breeds in the game. This includes taming and show jumping as well as flatwork, but petting the horses plays an important part as well, of course. If you want to return them to their owners safe and sound, you will need to take good care of your guests.

HorseHotel is available worldwide for iOS and Android. The game can be downloaded free of charge in the App Store, via Google Play or through the Amazon app store. It includes IAP (in-app purchases) with additional content.

HorseHotel allows horse lovers to:

  • Play exciting minigames focused on taming, show jumping and flatwork

  • Manage and expand their own hotel

  • Pet, feed and groom horses

  • Host up to six different breeds of horses

  • Win coins and food through the daily prize wheel