The House of Zeus Launches “Three Stars”, A Fun New Trivia Game for Movie Buffs

The House of Zeus announces the launch of their inaugural app Three Stars. The simple but challenging game, available for iOS initially, prompts users to guess the movie based on pictures and clues supplied. And while there are hundreds of movie trivia apps, Three Stars has a new spin on a tired category with a fresh format and clever clues that trivia fans will appreciate.

An example: what movie did Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore and John Turturro appear in together? If you said “The Big Lebowski” you’d be right. A simple but fun concept, the game launches with more than 1,500 actors featured in some 1,000 movies that will test the mettle of even the most rabid movie buff.

It is, as you’ll see, a fun formula: see 3 actors; name the movie they were in together. Buy letters and hints, e.g. plot points, great movie quotes, actor’s names, if you need help. Earn coins for correct answers. That’s it – mercifully simple. (We’ve got more features we’ll be adding in the future but for now it’s about launching, learning and growing.)

So, we hope, an easy-to-grasp concept, modern design, great pictures, fun clues and a large inventory and range of challenges – about 1k movies and 1.5k actors so far with new ones being added constantly.

A category of the casual game ecosystem that we believe has been under-reported by the media, Trivia has fielded some of the most popular games in recent years. Many have broken into the coveted Top Ten lists and more than a few boast hundreds of millions of downloads.

Fast Facts:

• Revenue model: in-app purchases and advertising
• 1k movies
• 1.5k actors
• Constantly adding new movies and actors