#I.X. Shoots It Way Onto PC/Linux

Independent indie game publisher, Maximum OverDose, and EggHead Games are proud to announce the release of #I.X – a top-down, indie shooter for PC/Linux that pays homage to classics such as Team 17’s Alien Breed and 20th Century Fox’s action/horror film franchise, Aliens.

About #I.X:
In the not so distant future, prisoners are used to work on dangerous jobs where no man dares to go. As convict #I.X, you are sent by a secret organization to investigate a vessel that has been drifting through outer space.

Things go terribly wrong when #I.X realizes that something else is with him on the spacecraft. Grab a space rifle and take aim; it’s time to find out what really happened to the ship and its crew!

•Scary atmosphere.
•Cool flashlight effect.
•Player can activate radar to scan surroundings.
•Collect key and tools to unlock door(s).
•Playable Demo Available: http://wackybrain.weebly.com/

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