Real-time Gamebook ‘Timecrest’ Launches on Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad Adopting Latest watchOS 2 and iOS 9 Technologies

Timecrest, one of the first games to take advantage of Apple’s two newest operating systems, watchOS 2 and iOS 9, is now available as a free download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Timecrest tells the story of a magical world threatened with destruction, and the player’s connection to that world through their Apple device. Told in real time through push notifications as the story unfolds, Timecrest is a choice-driven tale of time travel, wizards, and personal connections. Players will help save the world of Alyncia by turning back the clock to change its fate.

“We’re positively thrilled to be one of the first developers to release a game made for today’s watchOS 2 update for Apple Watch owners,” said Justin Ng, Sneaky Crab CEO. “Native APIs with complications and haptics bring blazingly fast load times, always-available interaction and powerful spells felt right on your wrist. Fans of narrative gameplay will find immersed in the world as they receive messages from Ash, their companion in the fantasy land of Alyncia.”

iPhone and iPad owners will be able to journey to Alyncia as well, and should they be running Apple’s newly released iOS 9, iPad owners will be able to respond when Ash calls in Timecrest without closing their current app thanks to iOS 9’s new ‘Slide Over’ ability.

Timecrest Features Include:
· A richly detailed fantasy universe trapped in time
· Decision-based gameplay with multiple endings
· Real-time storytelling driven by push notifications
· RPG elements infused into a text-driven experience
· Full Apple Watch gameplay designed for watchOS 2
· Full iPad multitasking support with Slide Over and Split View

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