Indie Sci-Fi puzzler Nexionode is now available on Android and iOS!

Big Round Eyes is happy to announce that Nexionode is now available for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)! Access all 21 sectors and rack your brain with 150+ puzzles aboard a spaceship on the brink of destruction! Be prepared for a challenge, because the game only gets harder (and we don’t provide aspirin).

Find Nexionode…
– on Google Play:
– on the App Store:

Price: $4.99
A free demo is also available on both platforms.

Nexionode is coming on Win/PC & Mac later in July. Stay tuned!

About Nexionode
Nexionode is a Sci-Fi logic puzzle game set deep in outerspace. While the human crew is under cryostasis, the Nexio Colony Spaceship is suffering massive failures. You are TL-9507, a unique RepairDrone: your AI has been secretly enhanced. Woken up by a security alert, only you can repair the ship’s circuits. Use your logic skills to save the Colony from imminent destruction.
Nexionode is deviously crafted for those of us who enjoy overheating our brain.

Watch the trailer:

– 150+ handcrafted puzzles
– Variety of challenges
– Backstory of a spaceship on the brink of destruction

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