Interstellar Logistics Inc. – Sci-Fi Action Puzzle Game Available On Steam Soon (Video)

US-based developer Exalted Guy Interactive today announced the upcoming release of its gravity-based action puzzle Interstellar Logistics Inc. Following two closed beta tests and a successful Steam Greenlight campaign, the title will be available on Steam on August 15, 2016. Interstellar Logistics Inc. is an addictive 2D sci-fi game that rewards players for using the gravity of objects in space.

Freight forwarding companies have a complex business: delivering cargo on time while keeping costs down requires knowledge, careful planning, and good personnel. This is particularly true when your business takes place in space. Interstellar Logistics Inc., the game’s eponymous company, offers none of these things. As the most recent addition to the questionable shipping enterprise, players need to master the challenges of navigating cargo in outer space while avoiding trouble with the bosses and customers.

To safely transport the entrusted goods to their destinations, delivery men and women need to find a path between planets, stars, and black holes. Calculating the right route is more complicated than it might seem at first glance: besides the danger of losing cargo, obliterating life on local planets must be avoided at all costs, as it will bring embarrassing lawsuits upon the company. As if that were not enough, players need to check in at several tracking satellites on their way and report the cargo’s status to the customer.

Interstellar Logistics Inc. features 150 levels with tricky puzzles, each level offering multiple ways to reach the end point. Additional game modes and more levels will be continuously added by developer Exalted Guy Interactive in the future.