ElemenTales: Total Monkery’s all-new action puzzle game for mobile!

Take control of the elements as you lead four brothers across twenty-four island puzzles to find the source of their curse!

Take your wits with you across a serene and mysterious environment as you control fire, water, earth and air to conquer the obstacles ahead, and even combine the brother’s powers to solve otherwise-impossible challenges. Hidden treasure has also washed ashore for the brothers to find, so search far and wide… you’ll need it to pay the ferryman.

The game includes:
· – 24 levels to solve, some allowing multiple solutions to reach the next island
· – Free trial
· – 4 brothers, 4 elements to master: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water
· – Hidden treasure to find in each level, some guarded by its own puzzles
· – Available now on the Windows Store
· – Expanded version coming soon to Xbox One Arcade

For more information about the game, go to:
ElemenTales is a product of the Greenshoots programme.

Greenshoots is a programme jointly developed by Creative England and Microsoft to support early stage startup game studios with bringing new and exciting game titles to the Windows platforms.

It is supported by the Government’s Regional Growth Fund (RGF) and will offer England’s most innovative developers funding of up to £25,000 to support the development of new games for mobile and tablet platforms.


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