Action/puzzle game EVA Infinity (Video)

Digital Opus Studios announces its new action/puzzle game “EVA Infinity” for Windows Store.

Adrift in space with a tether as your only means of navigation. No ship, no jetpack. Only minutes of air remain. Gather limited resources and avoid the perils of the vast and unforgiving void as you try to find your way home.

The navigation mechanic is unique: use momentum to maneuver objects and control direction with carefully timed attach and release of your tether.

“EVA Infinity is a project that combines my love of physics with my love of video games.” Physicist and game designer Ian Deane set out to to create a puzzle game challenging the player to navigate and manipulate a zero-g environment. “The physics of movement in space has always fascinated me. Every action has a reaction.”

“I like the mechanic” says Jamie from “Very nice and puzzly… Tether rogue asteroids to propel you around space in this unique action puzzle game!”

•Tether space debris to propel yourself and maneuver objects
•Realistic physics using the Bullet Physics Engine
•Over thirty levels
•Adjustable difficulty settings
•Fully controllable immersive cinematic camera
•Keyboard & Mouse or Touch Screen Controls

PC, Tablets, Phones