Last Inua – A Captivating 2D Platform Adventure Available Now for PC & Mac

Wired Productions, an emerging digital video games publisher, today announced that the award-winning 2D platform adventure game, Last Inua, is available to purchase now for PC or Mac via Steam.

Last Inua will be available at launch with an incredible 25% off for the first week.

Arriving just in time for the Christmas season is the stirring tale of an Inuit father and son working together to overcome steep obstacles. Last Inua immerses players in a mythical world filled with captivating gameplay, stunning scenery and fun puzzles all of which can be seen in the new launch trailer released today:

Developed by Glowforth, Last Inua is designed for both young and old, mixing classic platform genres as it tells the tale of an Inuit family’s fight for survival against a fearsome demon and the harsh Arctic elements. In the game world, the demonic trickster Tonrar has awoken to spread his darkness over the north. Tonrar’s evil is destroying three Inuit gods, the Ice Bear, the Raven and the Narwhal, as they are infected by this darkness. The father and son team of Ataataq and Hiko are the only hope to restore balance in the world. Ataataq relies on brute strength to overcome obstacles as he guides Hiko, his physically weak but supernaturally gifted son who possess magical abilities, along their epic journey. Together, Ataataq and Hiko must traverse the arctic landscape and visit The Trinity of the Mythical Creatures to help defeat the malevolent Tonrar.

To coincide with the release of Last Inua, a new Gameplay trailer is available to view here.

“We’re delighted to be launching Last Inua today for PC and Mac platforms,” said Zoot Neil, Founder and Creative Director of Glowforth. “The re-mastered version of Last Inua boasts an expansive range of updates to the gameplay, refreshed HD graphics and the addition of brand new levels, which focus specially on Hiko. We’re thrilled that Last Inua is now available to a new audience in time for the holidays.”

Last Inua is available to download now via Steam for just £5.99 / €6.99 / $7.99 or take advantage of a 25% discount with the RRP reduced to £4.49 / €5.24 / $5.99 for 1 week. Additional download platforms will be announced soon.

Last Inua Key Features:
§ An award-winning journey: An immersive and emotional 2D platform adventure
§ A unique winter world: Intriguing storyline, epic scenery and captivating puzzles combine Inuit mythology and modern game culture
§ Control two uniquely bonded characters: A powerful father and a magically gifted child
§ Handcrafted with care: Beautifully crafted character animations and artwork
§ Brand new features for PC and Mac:
o Three new levels with new gameplay focused on Hiko
o Refined checkpoint system and improved gameplay
o Improved animation and HD graphics
o Full mouse/keyboard and gamepad support

Watch the new gameplay trailer for Last Inua at

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