Iron Tides available on Steam Early Access

Iron Tides is bringing its ruthless turn-based survival-strategy gameplay to Steam Early Access! Unleash the wrath of your Viking warband and rule the high seas as you take your crew on a journey to conquer raiders and savage tribes. Rally new allies under your fearless leadership, but be wary of your supplies running low as you forge forward. Weary and hungry, your crew’s faith may waver as they whisper that the gods have abandoned you. Strategically pick your battles at sea, make brutal decisions to kill a crew member to save resources, and you just may ascend to the halls of Valhalla as a hero.

It is a perfect title for fans of strategy games with rogue-like elements that make the game unforgiving and challenging. Iron Tides’ early access release offers a look into an intriguing main storyline. Expect lots of side content and experience features that will continue to flourish throughout Early Access.

Iron Tides’ Early Access features:

  • Over 100+ unique battlefields for you to raid and conquer
  • 8-15 hours of complete gameplay in a harsh Nordic seafarer world
  • Procedurally generated seas that force you to seek out the best course to sail
  • 25+ custom battles within 6 main quest chains
  • 4 unique characters (5th to come soon). Each character has 7 unique skills, so no two Vikings are alike
  • 11 achievements for you to prove your worth
  • A level editor for chieftains to build their own treacherous maps

“Iron Tides is a turn-based tactics game born from the quaint satisfaction of dice and paper prototyping. We’ve sought to engage with our community at each milestone, and are proud to unveil an experience that will leave you thinking like a Viking chieftain.”
Carina Kom, Co-founder and Executive Producer