Join the Pack, the new low poly game from xixgames

xixgames is pleased to announce their new game Join the Pack for multiple platforms. It is an animal-herding game where the player controls a shepherd dog. The game features low-poly art, easy to learn but hard to master gameplay, and lots of different mini games. It is designed in a way so that everyone can enjoy the game: social players can bring all their friends into the game and send messages to make them happy. It is different from a lot of popular games – it does not have guns, the graphics are minimalistic, it all plays inside a beautiful environment with a smooth progress.

“I developed Join the Pack with 3D models made by Miguel Daz,” said Juan Belon Perez, of xixgames. “The project is made with ShiVa engine, and it is currently on the next platforms: iOS, Android (GP and Amazon), Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows Store. There is a Gamasutra featured post about the and another about why using the paid model in the Juan Belon blog inside Gamasutra. A featured post also with more information about how the game was made in the ShiVa engine website,” added Perez.

At its core, JTP is a social game. Apart from the obvious Facebook integration, everything in the game is connected. Once the player enters the game, it checks the Facebook connection, profile and friends, and tries to keep the user profile updated and synced one level at a time.


Gamasutra post about the game IA:

Gamasutra post about art and the game paid business model:

Pricing and Availability:
Join the Pack 1.1.0 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies, 1$ less for BB,Wphone,Win,Linux and Mac) and available worldwide through the stores in the Games category.

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