Take A Journey Through Time & Space And Save Earth in ‘Surf’s Up!’ For Tropico 5

El Presidente has visited the void of time and space and confirmed his long-held suspicion: he is in fact the most important person in the entire universe. However, the enlightenment it granted gave him an ominous message: the planet earth is under threat from alien incursion – and they want to build an intergalactic motorway straight across Tropico! Enlist the help of the wise dolphins of the Pacific Ocean and save your banana republic in the ‘Surf’s Up!’ DLC for Tropico 5.

Out today to download for PC, Mac & SteamOS via Steam, the brand new content adds a zany intergalactic adventure to the game – along with a new building, avatar accessory, sandbox map and music track. Rally the favour of the dolphins by building the Dolphinarium, look like a real professional with the marine biologist outfit and conquer the new ‘Qualichi’ island in sandbox mode. Help protect the island from annoying space tolls and you might just find the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything.

The ‘Surf’s Up!’ DLC for Tropico 5 is out today for PC, Mac & SteamOS via Steam for £2.49/€2.99/$3.99. For non-Steam users, the PC version of the DLC is available via http://launcher.kalypsomedia.com/

Included in the ‘Surf’s Up!’ DLC
• New standalone scenario: “Surf’s Up!” – Save the dolphins, save the world
• New building: The Dolphinarium – Fill your tourists with awe and marvel at the wonders of nature
• New dynasty avatar accessory: Look like a professional marine-biologist with The Diving Mask
• New sandbox map: Qualichi
• New music track and additional voice recordings

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