Sky Patrol – Out Now on the App Store!

Beartrap Games are pleased to announce that Sky Patrol has launched onto the App Store today!

Available to download and play now, Sky Patrol is an arcade explosive strategic shooter that promises to provide an exhilarating and highly addictive challenge!

Featuring 50 non-stop action packed levels, epic boss battles, masses of destructive weapons and hours of irresistible pure arcade gameplay, the studio warns that ‘survival won’t be easy’!

The player’s task is to oversee and protect their allied convoy on perilous journeys through enemy territory. As the convoy advances, the enemy will attack in force. It will be up to the player to defend and protect their charges as they strive to complete their vital mission objective.

Beartrap Games are on a mission to bring true arcade gaming back! Sky Patrol is an original premium title that provides mobile gamers with a classic arcade challenge that will keep them going back for more! Described as ‘a classic arcade shooter with a very modern twist’, Beartrap Games are committed to supporting this promising title and already have new level packs in the making! This title offers amazing value and an almighty battle!

Grant Alexander, Commercial Director at Beartrap Games, commented “This is our studio’s first major release and we’ve really appreciated all the amazing feedback, support and recognition received – including the award nominations at the Tokyo Game Show and TIGA Awards in 2014!”

Grant added “Sky Patrol is setting the quality benchmark that both gamers and our business partners can reliably expect from our studio. We are certainly excited about what 2015 has in store for both our studio and the planned series of Patrolgames! Watch this space!”

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