Jumpy Rope – Endless Arcade Jumper (Video)

SkyBelow Studios announced today that it has released the mobile game Jumpy Rope – Endless Arcade Jumper for iOS and Android worldwide.

Jumpy Rope is an endless arcade jumper game for iOS and Android platforms, featuring lowpoly  graphic style and simple gameplay mechanics. Jump the rope on increasingly difficult floating island environments that you can unlock, time your jumps perfectly to win extra coins and beat your friend’s scores on cross-platforms leaderboards. Play against your friends by connecting to facebook. Jumpy Rope features character customization, and has Powerups to help you go further.

More About Jumpy Rope

Pepper, Roxy and Hamlet are on a quest to become explorers of floating island worlds! Jump the rope as much as you can on each world, and challenge your friends! Unlock three, fantasticly cute chracters! Pepper, Hamlet and Roxy! Discover new floating islands to play in, including the beach, the forest, the graveyard!!! Spooky!! And many more!

Amazingly cute characters to play with
Fantastic looking, lowpoly, floating island environment
Championship mode with world ranking
Local multiplayer mode