World Ship Simulator Sails onto Retail Shelves (Video)

Leading simulations publisher Excalibur is pleased to announce that World Ship Simulator, the successor to its popular European Ship Simulator, will be appearing on retail shelves on October 28th. Having launched on Steam Early Access initially in November 2015, World Ship Simulator offers significant improvements to its predecessor right from the outset and includes:

· An open world with no loading screens between ports
· A career mode that will allow players to complete jobs to earn money and experience
· Changing weather conditions including storms and fog that affects ocean wave height
· Manipulate time to make those long treks across the ocean pass much more quickly
· Crew on board the vessel
· Leave your ship at port to accept missions

Set in a fictitious environment that has been inspired by ports and landmarks from around the globe, World Ship Simulator allows the player to captain a hovercraft, bulk carrier, yacht and other magnificent vessels in an expansive open world.
Players can weigh anchor on the open seas and begin their career in the maritime industry. Players start from humble beginnings with a single ship and complete a selection of jobs that earn them experience to take on more demanding opportunities with greater rewards. Hard earned cash can then be used to repair vessels and purchase new ships.

Players are able to utilise the specialised ship modding tool to create and share their own ships on Steam Workshop and download new ships from the community.

Vessels included:
· Hovercraft
· Cruise liner
· Bulk carrier
· Tugboat
· Speed boat
· Port boat
· Additional unlockable Fishing boat

Steam workshop models include:
· Oil tanker
· Cargo carrier
· AHTS ship
· Luxury catamaran
· Luxury yacht