KaleidoGames bring their second title to Steam : Beekyr Reloaded (Video)

Beekyr Reloaded is an unique Bee’em up game (or shoot’em up with bees). The game breaks molds moving away from the typical shmup game, avoiding the space theme mixing vertical and horizontal scrolling stages with very varied game mechanics. Each stage is very different from the previous stage: one level we could be fighting scorpions, another defending the hive collecting pollen, dodging birds, raiding caves behind waterfalls protected by angry fish or we could be escaping from the wasp-hive after just killing the queen.

Beekyr Reloaded has 28 levels across 4 colorful worlds, going darker with every stage. First levels, full of colour, display naivety and happiness. The later, dark with cold fog and evil creatures lurking between plants full of spikes.

Available for STEAM as EARLY ACCESS. From 1st December 2016 for 8.99 USD (-20% off first week).

Game is hard but fair, you’ll heavily rely on your skills. You might want to play for hours after you give it a chance. Let’s see if you get inside the hive after playing through stormy weather! Getting there might take you about 5 minutes. But, finishing the game is a different story.

Mold-breaking theme: Shmup based in world of insects, not spaceships or flying girls (Touhou)!
Innovative: Horizontal and Vertical stages with very diverse game formats!
3 different endings
16 special enemy bosses to fight
Secret playable characters
Secret unlockable stages
Enormous re-playability: 4 different stage combinations that might offer more or less levels (from 18 to 28 stages) depending on some game events and game mode
15 hours (on average) to finish the game in Arcade Mode.
Designed for all types of players. From the average to the most hardcore player with several game modes: Novice, Arcade, Expert, Bullet Hell and Madness
4 beautiful very distinct worlds (+ secret levels)
Powerups, bee-bombs and bee-swarm attack!
Full Steam and Xbox 360 controller support with analog or digital controls
Achievements (Available after Early Access)
Online scoreboards (Available after Early Access)
Retro shmup style fun gameplay
Amazing soundtrack
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