Kittenball Prince, New physics puzzle game

Kittenball Prince was turned into a cat by a witch because he had declined proposal to marry her. Most of the heroes fight monsters to save a Princess as they have fallen in love with her because of her striking beauty.

However, it is different for Kittenball Prince. He must marry the Princess in order to break the spell of the witch, and recover his real self. Kittenball Prince continues his adventures to find and rescue the Prince who is in danger. Kittenball Prince is a physics puzzle game like pinball and peggle.

However, there are new rules and units that offer unique play patterns, which present new thrills and various kinds of fun.

Each time one downs a boss, one encounters with characters with different features
and a wide variety of items together with intriguing maps in different stages.

Here are some key features of Kittenball Prince:

-Ninety different stages
-Each castle has tales, humor and hidden episodes.
-The hero meets characters with interesting features each time he saves the Princess.
-The magic balls can do many things.

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