CIRCLE RACE has been released by Magnetic Stormz!

Abandoned toys decide to run the Circle Race to overcome their appetite. Run around in circles avoiding the devilishly delicious foods and finish the race!

Game Story

All the silly toys here have been abandoned for one reason, their unstoppable appetite. Now that they’re determined, will they be able to triumph over these irresistible foods?

Game Description

‘Circle Race’ is a game where characters run around in a circular track with obstacles, shaped as delicious food, placed at random parts of the circle. As the characters move forward, the player has to press the right or left button to avoid the obstacles.
The way how this game consists of simple mechanics, with a challenging difficulty level, draws in players to the game. Also, by collecting batteries, while avoiding the obstacles, you are able to use each character’s special abilities (However, some abilities are passive, meaning that they are always active regardless of how much batteries you collect), which is different for each character. These unique abilities induce the players to collect different characters, and use it to their best advantage for achieving high scores.

This simple and easy game provides you with entertainment in your spare time. The best gaming app for killing time!!

Game Trailer
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