Last Stitch Goodnight Comes to Linux

Well Bred Rhino is pleased to announce that Last Stitch Goodnight has officially launched on Linux, joining its PC, Mac, and PS4 brethren!

Last Stitch Goodnight is a side scrolling action adventure that embraces a new modern mythology. After you survive a near-death, out-of-body experience, you are kidnapped by a doctor who is experimenting on people who satisfy certain… criteria. Escaping the doctor’s mansion will require new weapons, new powers, and a strong stomach for facing science gone bad.

*A spanning story that analyzes the essence of life as it breaks down 4 individuals
*A giant mansion to explore, full of hidden secrets and unique locations
*Scores of cranky enemies ranging from irate office workers to malcontent robots to CONSIDERABLY WORSE
*Multipurpose tools used to interact with the world or bludgeon enemies, depending on your whims.  Sometimes a screwdriver dismantles a bed, and sometimes it shivs a punk
*A set of powers that allow the player to fully explore every shadowy corner, even the ones with spiders
*Towering bosses that will push your skill and creativity, forcing you to use every trick you have learned

Last Stitch Goodnight Coverage

“I was not disappointed in the slightest with the direction Well Bred Rhino’s modern horror inspired Metroidvania took as it once again brilliantly tackled the enigma of life and death through the imagination of one of the most creative developers ever to grace the indie scene.”
-Gaming Inferno

“The game’s eight bosses are the highlight though and, in fact, are some of my favorite in recent memory, with most requiring some form of mid-battle problem solving to determine their weakness before they can be defeated.”
-God is a Geek

“Last Stitch Goodnight has some excellent puzzle design that provides a nice challenge, while never being to the point of frustration. They usually involve using items and your abilities, but they always have a unique solution.”
-PS4 Experts

“I like the way the story unfolds, and how everything ties together, especially in the final act.  I’m also a big fan of how each weapon has a dual purpose and how you’ll need to use each one to solve puzzles around the mansion. And while on the topic, it’s worth mentioning the game is long and filled with a lot of secrets to uncover.”
-Defunct Games