Darkest Hunters, Tactical/logic puzzle RPG, available on Steam

Darkest Hunters is a new indie game which in a unique way combines elements of logic and tactics as well as RPGs. As the publisher points out, this turn-based production offers several dozen hours of varied challenges, broad development possibilities and a multiplayer mode.

In Darkest Hunters players will find a combination of logic and tactics, puzzles and RPG. The game’s story refers to a traditional fantasy and graphically the production is in the style of pixel art. Darkest Hunters was created by a team of several persons from ECC Games. The publisher is Ultimate Games.

Darkest Hunters first appeared on mobile devices, where the game was met with a very positive response from users. The version on the Steam platform is a properly refined and complete edition” says Mateusz Zawadzki, CEO of Ultimate Games.

Unique gameplay

The gameplay in the Darkest Hunters is based on arriving at a certain point and/or defeating opponents. The player moves, collecting the various colored crystals that increase the wealth of the gold pouch or obtains points for health, attack and magic.

Of crucial importance is collecting crystals in a sufficiently long sequence – e.g. a dozen or so during one turn. This allows you to quickly replenish health/attack/magic points and create special crystals, which activate a “chain reaction” – the effect is a one-time gathering of a large number of consecutive crystals and significant damage to opponents in the vicinity.

The controls are simple and intuitive, and only takes a moment to master it. The game offers many interesting tactical possibilities – short and long distance attacks, spells and attacks using special crystals are available. The tactics must be adapted to the type of opponent” explains Mateusz Zawadzki.
As the publisher points out, the gameplay is dynamic – it usually takes a few minutes to complete a single level.

Modes, development and challenges
In the single-player mode, Darkest Hunters offers a total of 5 different lands. Each of them has a dozen or so missions, including clashes with bosses. The player has several different characters to choose from.

The development of the character has a big impact on the gameplay. Experience is gained at the completion of each level that translates into a number of health, attack and magic points. To think about further challenges, one must have the right equipment (weapons, elements of armor, etc.). Objects affecting the statistics can be both purchased and earned during the game. According to the producer, the total number of objects is over 250.

As the publisher explains, it is not possible to select the difficulty level in Darkest Hunters but each mission is accompanied by varied challenges. They concern, for example, eliminating specific opponents, collecting the appropriate amount of crystals or completing a level within a certain number of turns.

There is also a multiplayer mode – rivalry with players is only possible after you obtain the 20th experience level.

To complete Darkest Hunters 100 percent, you’ll need even several dozen hours. The game is mainly for people who like relatively rapid logic-tactical battles. The reactions of players that we received after the version for mobile devices also show that the so-called ‘just one more’ syndrome occurs quite often” – Added Mateusz Zawadzki.