makenines – an ambient logic-puzzle game (Video)

Force Of Habit have announced their super chill, ambient logic puzzle game ‘makenines’ will be coming to iOS & Android with a brand new trailer.

Game Description
‘makenines’ is an ambient logic-puzzle game where you clear grids of numbers by making nines.

It requires careful thought and is solved using process of elimination similar to world-renowned puzzle game Sudoku. Think you’re good with numbers? Think you’re great at solving puzzles? Put your brain-skills to the test!

Release Date
9 / 9 / 2+0+1+6

•60 handcrafted fun & increasingly challenging puzzles!
•9 new procedurally-generated puzzles each and every day.
•5 interesting ways of manipulating numbers: slides, pushers, exchangers, rotators, stacks.
•Smooth, ambient sound palette comprised of 9 unique tones.