Law Mower, The cutting edge of grass-cutting combat

Developer Scoria Studios has announced its genre defying lawn mowing game Law Mower will be coming soon to Steam for PC. The indie studio also revealed the official announcement trailer along with an all-new demo that’s available.

Law Mower is a game about one man’s epic journey to achieve his life’s purpose – to cut every blade of grass in the world. From America’s suburbia to the Russian tundra, nature and society will do everything in its power to stop you. Crack open your garage, grab a gas can, and get ready to mow down your enemies!

“I’m tired of people in my neighborhood not keeping up with their lawns.“, said Kevin Lukic, developer of Scoria Studios. “It makes us look bad as a community and lowers the value of my property! Screw it, I’ll just cut it…“