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Strikers Edge at E3 (Video)

Fun Punch Games, Winners of the PlayStation Awards Portugal and part of PlayStation Talents program are glad to announce that Strikers Edge will attend this year’s E3 Expo in LA as part of the PlayStation Talents showcase at E3 Event.

Strikers Edge is an intense, action-packed, online multiplayer ranged combat game, where you play as an ancient warrior, available on PC and PS4 later this year.

You can play online or locally as one of eight unique strikers across 4 different arenas. Climb the ranked online ladder, achieve greatness and be the top striker!

1vs1 and 2vs2 game modes offer endless hours of fun. Either your friends being on the other side of the world, via online mode, or right there with you on your couch. Each of the 8 strikers offers a different weapon, set of abilities, stats and play style.

For Fun Punch Games and Strikers Edge E3 is the first public appearance of the final look and feel of the game, with new layouts and gameplay modes. The game has evolved in the last 2 years from a Game Jam project to an award winning project and now to a full feature game with online mode and a scheduled release on PS4 and Steam.

Fun Punch team got bigger and went from a 2 man hobby to a team of 6 full-time developers and artists, taking full advantage of its PlayStation Award prize and support.

With the mentoring of Shahid Ahmad and PlayStation Iberia team, Strikers Edge is now a polished 8bit style fast action paced game that awakens the competitive side of each player. It’s an old school, adrenaline fuelled game where each player alone or in teams will discover many different tactics to victory.

Tiago Franco, Lead Artist and Co-Founder, says: “Fight, fight and fight on! It’s amazing that we are taking Strikers Edge to the next level, having this opportunity to work full time on our game is almost surreal”. Filipe Caseirito, Lead Programmer and Co-Founder also comment: “We had many, many ideas, many things we wanted to have in the game to make it fun and visually appealing. We ended up making a great effort adding the online multiplayer, it was a leap of faith that we believe will pay off and appeal to the players!”.

Strikers Edge features:

•8 unique strikers, representing distinct warriors, each with his own weapon, abilities, stats and playstyle

•Intense ranged combat across 4 different arenas, each one with its perks and hazards

•1vs1 and 2vs2 intense multiplayer combats

•Online and local multiplayer modes

•Ranked online ladder to climb and dominate

•8bit pixel art style

•Unlockable skins and weapons