Custard! a dessert-themed addictive puzzle game that’s so tasty you’ll want to eat your iOS device (Video)

Custard! a deliciously addictive puzzle game from Option 4 Studios now available for free on the Apple App Store.

Gamers with a sweet tooth for addictive puzzle games can now satisfy their craving with Custard!

Custard! is a mouthwateringly addictive game from Option 4 Studios that is available for free download for iOS devices.

Each level is named after an app-etising dessert, ranging from custard and key lime pie, to Black Forest cake and birthday cake.

To work their way up the food chain, players simply group together at least three matching tiles, then hit the gather button to convert these groups into points.

To make things a ‘trifle’ more difficult, they must do so against the clock and can compete against their own high scores or have a ‘bake off’ with fellow players on the Game Center.

Warning: Custard! is extremely tasty but please try not to eat your device. It may contain bytes.


Option 4 Studios Co-Founder Lead Designer Richard Armitage said:

“The concept of Custard! came from a love of puzzle games, abstract clean modern design and, of course, desserts. Custard! will appeal to all ages and genders.

I love the fact that when you start a new level, you get a unique composition full of colour formed by the tiles on the board. It’s actually a playable piece of modern art created by your mobile or tablet!

Custard! is one of those games where everyone will have their own strategy of playing, but nothing beats when you start a level and the puzzle gods bestow you with more high scoring tiles than normal!”

Option 4 Studios Co-Founder & Lead Developer Laura Hooper said:

“I’m a fan of puzzle games but I thought there were too many similar match three games. We wanted to create a different type of matching game, one we wanted to play.

So when we set out to create Custard!, we decided it should be time pressured and beating your own score or against your friends.

We hope people have as much fun playing Custard! as we did developing it.”

Release Dates: U.K & Ireland – 13 June 2016 and Worldwide – 27 June 2016