Fireworks-themed mobile game “Sparky” released for iOS and Android (Video)

High Q Technology today announces the release of Sparky™, a free fireworks-themed casual game for mobile devices that promises to challenge users with unique gameplay and unpredictable levels. The concept is simple: sparks emitted from fireworks and fountains float around the screen, and must be captured by drawing loops around two or more of the same color. Players will need to combine speed, accuracy, and strategy to make their way through more than 100 unique levels in 9 cities around the world.

Sparky was developed by a small team in an effort to stand out from current trends in mobile game design. It offers a unique visual style and a new type of gameplay that is intuitive and natural on touchscreen devices. This allows players to develop different tactics and apply them to the situations they encounter in the custom designed levels.

“We wanted to create something a little different with Sparky,” said Matthew Schweitzer, High Q Technology founder. “There are so many match-three and tap-and-hope clones in the app stores, it’s hard for players bored with those mechanics to find anything new. We have a background in real-world fireworks, and wanted to bring some of that appeal to the mobile game audience.”

Sparky features dozens of spark types that float, drift, fall, and swirl around the screen. Some sparks interact with the player, attracted to or repelled by their finger. Helpful power-ups occasionally float by, and are also available as inventory items. In-game tutorials make Sparky easy to learn, while carefully constructed levels keep the player intrigued and challenged as they progress through the game.

Sparky is now available as a free download on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

More About Sparky
Sparky is a casual fireworks-themed game that will keep you challenged with unique gameplay and unpredictable levels. Simply draw loops around like-colored sparks to capture them. But watch out, some might try to escape! Capture sparks from fireworks shows over cities around the world, as you master this instant classic.

Sparky was designed to offer a new type of gameplay perfect for phones and tablets. The concept is simple, but the result is a game that offers a new challenge on every level. Sometimes fast-paced, sometimes relaxing, and sometimes outright puzzling! Can you come up with a strategy to win?

Loop power-ups and bonuses as they float by to help along the way, or collect firecrackers to trade for other items. The more sparks you capture at once, the more points you’ll get – but mess up and it’ll devastate your score!

• Every level is different! Over 100 unique levels to conquer.
• Sparks explode from fireworks and fountains, drift by in the wind, and swirl around the screen.
• Nine global cities to explore. Watch fireworks shows from dusk ‘till dawn!
• Discover power-ups to help you along your way!
• Loop as quickly as you can, wait for the biggest bang, or puzzle your way to the highest score: each level requires a new strategy.
• Interact with dozens of spark types as you play.

Try Sparky now!