Pyramid Jumble mobile game announced and released worldwide

Solid Core team has released fast-jumbling and pyramid-roaming mobile game Pyramid Jumble for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Pyramid Jumble features simple, rewarding gameplay getting you in the flow solving words as fast as possible, and feeling really good about it.

Your ultimate goal is to solve all the word categories placed in the pyramid. The game features 120 categories ranging from “Animals” to “Countries” and “In school”. You unlock new levels of the pyramid as you solve more words.

The pyramid itself is a unique level selection screen for the genre as you select categories in an entirely free-roaming and zoomable way letting you easily overview your accomplishment as well as selecting your next category to play.

You play an entire category at a time consisting of some less-than-10 words for quick playthroughs. But pay attention to the time slowly draining! Solving words gains you time, requesting help with letters cost time, so you gotta think fast and not get stuck on a word for too long! You also receive gemstones after solving a category that can be used to unlock new categories on the accessible levels of the pyramid.

Pyramid Jumble has no in-game purchases and is available for a one-time fee on iPhone and iPad and is free for Android which only has a few non-gameplay intrusive ads. That’s hours of word-solving fun without hassle for anyone and everyone!

The game was released 12th november 2014 for iPhone and iPad and is available now worldwide!

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