Ski-World Simulator available on Steam

Ski-World Simulator available on Steam

Manage your skiing region

In Ski-World Simulator you are managing your own skiing area. Work with the snow cat and prepare the slopes to become a skier’s paradise! Make sure that your patrons have everything they want in order to earn money and increase the size of your skiing operation. The keys to ski-world success are in your hands!

Your tasks
Prepare the slopes with the snow cat, take care of the daily business and keep the roads leading to your skiing region clear so that the skiers can spend time and money in your skiing area. The more achievements you have, the more money goes in your cashbox – and soon your skiing area will be the biggest in the country.


· Huge snowworld in the alps
· Animated skiers and ski-lifts
· Drive strong snow cats
· Commercial focus – do your own investments and enlarge your skiing area
· Realistic day/night circle
· Realistic physics
· Multiplayer in networks

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