“Noodles Now!” Futuristic Asian Themed iOS Exclusive Mobile title set for Chinese New Year

Golden Monkey Media has released its first game, “Noodles Now”, a free to play, arcade-style, family friendly track-runner that casts the player as “Fly” a noodles delivery girl.

“Noodles Now” takes place in a near-future Asian world of flying cars and unforgiving aerial traffic that adds 3 vertical dimensions to standard runners. Built in Unreal and developed by a specialist in artificial intelligence (at John’s Hopkins), the game may be one of the fastest and most sophisticated 3D action games ever built for iPhones and iPads. “Noodles Now” currently utilizes three different cities and nearly 50 missions as Fly delivers her bosses’ tasty noodles to hungry customers while avoiding over 100 flying NPC aero-cars (on the hardest levels).

Noodles is also unique as it was developed solely by a Father/Son team, Sean and Kai Henry who wanted to take their love of video games to the next level.
Developed for casual gamers, “Noodles Now” is easy to pick up, but challenging to master as faster and heavier traffic, shorter mission times and more difficult cityscapes make delivering noodles the ultimate adventure.

Launching in February 2015 to coincide with the Chinese New Year, (Feb. 19th), Noodles Now is primed for the worldwide market.

Make 2015 “The Year of the Noodle” with Noodles NOW!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/GetNoodlesNow Web: www.noodlesnow.com

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