Sky Patrol – Exploring the Asian markets with Chorus Worldwide!

Beartrap Games are pleased to announce that their internationally acclaimed Sky Patrol launched onto the Asian App Store territories this week!

Available to download and play now, Sky Patrol is an arcade explosive strategic shooter that promises to provide an exhilarating and highly addictive challenge!

Featuring 50 non-stop action packed levels, epic boss battles, masses of destructive weapons and hours of irresistible pure arcade gameplay, the studio warns that ‘survival won’t be easy’! The player’s task is to oversee and protect their allied convoy on perilous journeys through enemy territory.

Beartrap Games recently released their first major title onto the App Store which received great feedback! Proudly, it was featured under ‘Best New Games’ on the store!

Grant Alexander, Commercial Director at Beartrap Games, commented “Recognising the commercial importance of the Asian gaming markets and the natural fit of Sky Patrol, we chose to partner with the talented guys at Chorus Worldwide. They showed a great understanding of those territories and also what we aim to achieve with our latest game. Having received award nominations at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show, we are really excited to see how well Sky Patrol performs!”

Shintaro Kanaoya, CEO at Chorus Worldwide added “We at Chorus are very happy to partner with Beartrap Games and to publish Sky Patrol in Asian markets. As soon as we met the team and got our hands on the game, we were very impressed, and the final version is a testament to the vision and execution abilities of this highly experienced team.
We look forward to working with Beartrap for a long time, and they are great ambassadors for the exciting games development community in Dundee and across Scotland.”

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